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Harsha Anaya-C.O.O. - Wellness Health Coach

• B.A. in Psychology and Sociology

• Integrative Wellness Coach

• Psych-K certified 

"I am Hairsha Anaya, C.O.O., and Future Health Coach at Let Go Stress.


I graduated from the University of Florida with a major in Psychology and Sociology, and I have been helping people for about 4-5 years.


During my time at the University of Florida, I volunteered at the Crisis Center of Alachua and interned at PACE Center for Girls. After college, I continued to work in the mental health field and slowly drifted into alternative medicine, bringing me to Let Go Stress. 


Currently, I am working on obtaining my 3rd Bachelor's Degree in Behavioral Neuroscience.


As the C.O.O. and Wellness Health Coach, I guide clients and ensure protocols are followed. 


 I love helping people, but most importantly, helping them better themselves through non-invasive alternative methods. It genuinely brings me joy to see our clients grow, overcome their challenges, and reach their goals. 


My hobbies and passions: I love dancing (salsa on 2)  and going to the gym! I also love listening to audiobooks. 


My big loves: my parents, Beyla and Roland, and my dogs Spike and Bear.


My goal at LGS is to expand our mission, educate others about  Quantum Wellness Technology, and help them reach their health goals."

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