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Rev. Roland Gonzalez-Director

• Certified Bioenergetics Expert

• Pranic Healer

. Life Coach

• Quantum Wellness Technology practitioner

"My name is Roland. I’ve been serving and taking care of people since my Boy Scouts days as a young man and later in the US Army. My vocation was reaffirmed once I met Beyla while studying Pranic Healing. 14 years later, with another 4-year degree and never-ending research in the field of Quantum Physics. I have been helping all beings as a Certified Bioenergetic Coach, Pranic Healer, and Quantum Wellness Technology practitioner.  ⠀

It makes me happy to witness how new technologies can help everyone in their journey to healing mind, body, and spirit, all the while being able to offer excellence in our services.⠀

My hobbies: practicing Kung Fu (3rd Degree Black Sash), and the Outdoors. ⠀

My big loves: Beyla, our daughter Hairsha, and Spike! (our Rat Terrier and part of our staff as an ESA).⠀


My goal today: to make each and every one of our clients feel great at the end of every session, and help them achieve their wellness goals and energy for life, as well as joy and aliveness! This is most definitely my biggest satisfaction.⠀

I want to welcome you to a new phase in Let Go Stress, Home of Quantum Wellness Technology, with a new location and new services to meet all your needs. It will be a pleasure to help you."

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