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Soledad Beraza - Physical Therapist

Muscle Activation Technique (MAT) certified

"I am Sole, a Physical Therapist specialized in Muscle Activation Technique (MAT), a wonderful method that identifies muscles that are not working as they should and re-activates them to promote a healthy motion on a joint.⠀

I started working in this field in Argentina, my country, 20 years ago, based in my desire to help people. Over there I tried as many techniques as I could, and when I moved to USA, became a Personal Trainer and a Pilates instructor, to become a multi-field professional.⠀

Movement is my guide. I work a lot with functional patterns to facilitate motion or making exercises easier according to the clients needs and goals.⠀

I love to read, cook and dance.⠀

My loves are my husband, my kids, my friends and my country.⠀

My main goal in Let Go Stress is to assist our clients with neuromuscular aches to achieve pain free movement and comfort, giving them daily advice in this field and in areas as nutrition and stress management, among others".

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