At Let Go Stress we are committed to finding the most advanced quantum wellness technology available in the market to effectively help you restore your physical health and achieve your emotional and spiritual goals to improve your quality of life.


Our experienced wellness team will guide you through the process designing a custom plan that is right for you.


 Our goal is to help improve your quality of life, achieve your wellness goals, and promote your body to heal itself and live your best life possible.

Meet The Team

Roland Gonzalez

"My name is Roland. I’ve been serving and taking care of people since my Boy Scouts days as a young man and later in the US Army. My vocation was reaffirmed once I met Beyla while studying Pranic Healing. 12 years later, with another 4 year degree and never-ending research in the field of Quantum Physics. I have been helping all beings as a Certified Bioenergetic Coach, Pranic Healer and Quantum Wellness Technology practitioner.  ⠀

It makes me happy to witness how new technologies can help everyone in their journey to healing mind, body and spirit, all the while being able to offer excellence in our services.⠀

My hobbies: practicing Kung Fu (3rd Degree Black Sash), and the Outdoors. ⠀

My big loves: Beyla, our daughter Hairsha and Spike! (our Rat Terrier and part of our staff as an ESA).⠀

My goal today: to make each and every one of our clients feel great at the end of every session, and help them achieve their wellness goals and energy for life, as well as joy and aliveness! This is most definitely my biggest satisfaction.⠀

I want to welcome you to a new phase in Let Go Stress, Home of Quantum Wellness Technology, with a new location and new services to meet all your needs. It will be a pleasure to help you."⠀ 

Beyla Romero

"I am Beyla,  From a very young age I became captivated with learning about and working with therapeutic massage and body rehabilitation. Nowadays, I am an energy healer, body psychotherapist, Certified Bioenergetic Coach and Quantum Wellness Technology practitioner, with more than 30 years of experience. 

 It makes me happy: to see my client's growth and progress through the use of both our Spiritual and Quantum Wellness Technology; obtaining freedom through knowledge and peace through wisdom.

On of my passions: learning everyday about new technologies in order to help in the healing of mind and body.

My hobbies: dancing especially Zumba and collecting and learning about natural stones and the healing properties of crystals.

My big loves: my daughter Hairsha and Roland; my partner and companion in life, love and our shared passion for helping others.

My goal today: to make each and every one of our clients feel great at the end of every session, and help them get better  and then stay healthy after repeated sessions. That is most definitely my is biggest satisfaction. 

I ask that you take care of yourself, keeping your body frequency high, and I hope to see you very soon!"

"I am Sole, a Physical Therapist specialized in Muscle Activation Technique (MAT), a wonderful method that identifies muscles that are not working as they should and re-activates them to promote a healthy motion on a joint.⠀

I started working in this field in Argentina, my country, 20 years ago, based in my desire to help people. Over there I tried as many techniques as I could, and when I moved to USA, became a Personal Trainer and a Pilates instructor, to become a multi-field professional.⠀

Movement is my guide. I work a lot with functional patterns to facilitate motion or making exercises easier according to the clients needs and goals.⠀

I love to read, cook and dance.⠀

My loves are my husband, my kids, my friends and my country.⠀

My main goal in Let Go Stress is to assist our clients with neuromuscular aches to achieve pain free movement and comfort, giving them daily advice in this field and in areas as nutrition and stress management, among others".

Soledad Beraza

Heidy Loeb

"HI I am Heidy, Through a cancer that affected a member of my family, I began to study and learning about alternative healing therapies to help him, while witnessing his recovery and remission permanently, understanding that there are other ways to reach well-being and health. 

I have been practicing alternative healing therapies for over 18 years, as Master Reiki, Pranic Healer, and Reconnective Healing Therapist, currently doing a Master Degree in Oriental Medicine. 

What makes me happy? Helping people in their spiritual growth process, in their transition process at the end of their lives, in their recovery process with cancer treatment and helping animals in different healing processes.

My passion is to create and some of my hobbies are meditating, volunteering, and creating stories on social media with my character Bonifacio (my Skeleton Friend).

My big loves are my parents, my twin sisters, my life partner Manuel and our furry daughter Luna Carolina, and, of course, my friends since they are also part of my family!

As a Wellness Coach at Let Go Stress, my goal is to help and guide our clients to recover their health and well-being. I want to help and see this family grow and expand around the country as the best cutting-edge quantum wellness technology center, while continuing my learning process from the hand of a great Master such as Beyla".

Hairsha Anaya

"Hi I’m Hairsha  As the assistant manager, I am responsible for welcoming all clients and assuring that protocols are being followed. I love helping people, but most importantly, helping them better themselves through non-invasive alternative methods.

I graduated from the University of Florida with a major in Psychology and Sociology. During my time at the University of Florida, I volunteered at the Crisis Center of Alachua and at PACE Center for Girls. After college, I continued to work in the mental health field and slowly drifted into alternative medicine, bringing me to Let Go Stress. 

I love being able to achieve goals and overcome challenges. It genuinely brings me joy to see our clients grow, overcome their challenges and reach their goals.    

My biggest passion is dancing Salsa and my hobbies are going to the gym and listening to audiobooks. 

My big loves are my parents, Beyla and Roland, my dog Spike, and Pumba my guinea pig!

My goal at LGS is to expand our mission and educate others about Quantum Wellness Technology". 

Spike! "Our Emotional Support Dog”  - One of his responsibilities is to bring joy to our clients here at our Center!

 Spike is an ESA, ACAA, FHA and  is Medical Compliant.