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Rev. Beyla Romero-Director

• Certified Bioenergetics Expert

• Pranic Healer

. Life Coach

• Quantum Wellness Technology practitioner

"I am Beyla,  From a very young age I became captivated with learning about and working with therapeutic massage and body rehabilitation. Nowadays, I am an energy healer, body psychotherapist, Certified Bioenergetic Coach and Quantum Wellness Technology practitioner, with more than 30 years of experience. 


 It makes me happy: to see my client's growth and progress through the use of both our Spiritual and Quantum Wellness Technology; obtaining freedom through knowledge and peace through wisdom.


On of my passions: learning everyday about new technologies in order to help in the healing of mind and body.


My hobbies: dancing especially Zumba and collecting and learning about natural stones and the healing properties of crystals.


My big loves: my daughter Hairsha and Roland; my partner and companion in life, love and our shared passion for helping others.


My goal today: to make each and every one of our clients feel great at the end of every session, and help them get better  and then stay healthy after repeated sessions. That is most definitely my is biggest satisfaction. 


I ask that you take care of yourself, keeping your body frequency high, and I hope to see you very soon!"

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