What We Offer

Our Mission

To help you step into a journey to live with balance, wellness and joy.

Professional Team

Rev. Beyla Romero
Certified Bioenergetic Coach, holistic healing and personal growth. She specializes in group healing work, couple's counseling, relationships and individual consultation. Her career, with more than 30 years of investigation, studies and experience, has allowed her to master different techniques.

Our Motto:

"Let Go Stress and Step into Wellness."

Rev. Roland Gonzalez

Certified Bioenergetic Coach, experienced Pranic Healer, expert in Ionic DETOX and Amethyst BioMat Detox Therapies.

He utilizes Martial Arts, Bioneuroemotion, Inner Engineering and Meditation to help those persons needing more inner discipline. 

Everyday we are under intense stress from work and life in general.

Keeping this in mind we offer a space where you can detox, find yourself again and encounter inner peace.

Under the direction of Roland Gonzalez and Beyla Romero, Let Go Stress LLC is dedicated to help you manage stress.